Dubrovnik was once an independent merchant republic for 700 years, engaging in trade with Turkey, India, and Africa, and even having diplomatic relations with the English court

The defensive stone walls of Dubrovnik, constructed in the 14th and 15th centuries, are 25m high, made of limestone, and have never been breached by a hostile army

The Old Town of Dubrovnik was completed in the 13th century and remarkably retains its original charm and architecture to this day, making it a rare example of a well-preserved medieval city.

The inscription above the entrance to Lovrijenac Fortress reads: “Non Bene Pro Toto Libertas Venditur Auro” which translates to “Liberty is not to be sold for all the riches of this world.” This inscription, known as “Libertas,” has been and continues to be the motto of Dubrovnik.

The city served as the filming location for King’s Landing in the popular series Game of Thrones, with many streets and corners within the town center telling stories of intrigue and treachery

Dubrovnik established the first globally known quarantine during the 17th century in response to outbreaks of the plague and cholera, using Lazareti as an isolation hospital

Dubrovnik had its own James Bond named Dušan Popov, a double agent during World War II, whose missions inspired anecdotes in the James Bond film series